Did George Clooney Play Buzz Lightyear?

Did George Clooney play Buzz Lightyear? is an age-old question with a plethora of answers. The actor voiced the toy robot in all four Toy Story movies. The character was created by Disney in 1993 and made his movie debut in 1999. Although there are several versions of the character, Tim Allen is widely considered the most famous. He played Buzz Lightyear in the film version, and was also dubbed over for the VHS version. In early Toy Story shorts, Pat Fraley voiced Buzz. However, the current video game uses Tim Allen’s voice.

In addition, Chris Evans will be playing the voice of the toy in “Lightyear,” the third film in the series. It is unlikely that George Clooney will reprise his role, but he will be playing the real-life astronaut that inspired the toy. This is exciting news for fans of both movies! However, the question remains: did George Clooney play Buzz Lightyear?? Let’s find out.

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