The printing process behind stickers: what business owners need to know

As a business owner, you know the importance of marketing your business. One cost-effective and creative way to do this is by using custom stickers. But before you order your stickers, it’s important to understand the printing process behind them. Here are 5 things business owners need to know about the printing process behind stickers:

1. Why design proofs are essential

Ordering stickers online can be scary because you cannot see or feel the product before you purchase it. That is why digital design proofs exist. They allow you to see how your stickers will look before they are printed. This ensures that you’re happy with the final product and that there are no surprises. Your sticker printer should also allow you to ask for unlimited changes until you are 100% sure.

2. Digital printing for the best result

There are dozens of ways stickers and labels can be printed. But as the industry evolves, digital printing is definitely the most popular option. Digital printing produces high-quality stickers that are accurately reproduced from your design file. This printing method is perfect for catering to all sorts of quantities without having to pay an extortionate amount for just a few stickers.

3. Lamination – yes or no?

After your stickers are printed, it is time to laminate them. Or is it? Lamination can protect your stickers from fading and scratches, and it also makes them more durable. In fact, most custom waterproof stickers are laminated. But you do not have to laminate your stickers. In fact, some paper stickers are not laminated to keep that textured, artisan look. Simply let your sticker printer know your preferences.

4. Creating custom shapes

Going custom means you can have any shape you want. Custom-shaped stickers are often referred to as die cut stickers. They can help your design stand out from the competition. If all of your competitors are using the same square or rectangular stickers, a custom shape can help you stand out and be remembered. Plus, custom shapes are a great way to show off your creativity and branding.

5. Ready to ship

After those four steps are completed, your stickers are ready to ship. Be sure to check the delivery times before you placed your order. Custom printing usually takes up to a week, and then you have to add the time it takes to ship your stickers on top of that. After all, even the best personalized stickers are of no use to you if they do not arrive on time.

Now that you know the 5 things business owners need to know about the printing process behind stickers, it’s time to order your own custom stickers! Our team at Sticker Mule can help you create a design that accurately represents your brand and looks great once printed. Order your stickers today and get started marketing your business in a creative new way.

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