What Chain Restaurant Do You Associate With Food Poisoning?

When you hear the term “food poisoning,” what comes to mind? What chain restaurant is associated with illness? While stand-alone restaurants are often better equipped to deal with sick customers, national chains can pose different health risks. For example, a recent recall of lettuce and watermelon at Wendy’s and Subway has caused health concerns. Even if you aren’t prone to food poisoning, you should always ask yourself: What chain restaurant do you associate with this illness?


Many types of bacteria can cause food poisoning. Foods can be contaminated at any stage of their life cycle. Raw eggs, juice, and milk are at a higher risk of harboring bad germs. Lastly, make sure you avoid raw or undercooked meat, especially ground meat. In general, you should order well-done meat. You should also check whether eggs are cooked properly. Some states require restaurants to display their health ratings.


Last October, Chipotle Mexican Grill suffered a huge PR nightmare. Scores of people were infected with E. coli and norovirus. Chipotle’s sales took a hit. But this outbreak isn’t the worst example. Chain restaurants are more likely to cause outbreaks than you might think. You just never know when the next outbreak might occur. So, what can you do if you suspect food poisoning?


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