What Happened to Barba in Law and Order: SVU?

What happened to Barba in Law and Order: SVU? This question is not a logical one for fans of the series, but it’s worth considering. The first episode of the new season, “The Christmas Episode,” shows Barba visiting the jailed Wheatley, informing him that the murder charges against him are dropped. Wheatley asks Barba to reconsider, but Barba doesn’t agree.

This season, her character was involved in a murder trial and was the consignee for the mobster. Her role in the case was crucial, as she was the one who convinced Elliot Stabler to confess to the crime. However, the season finale showed that Barba’s role in the case was less clear, with a character whose life depended on the case being unfavorable for Benson. However, her return is highly anticipated, as she was the first lawyer to represent Wheatley during his trial for the murder of Stabler’s wife.

The storyline is also interesting – after Barba’s exit from the show, he met with Benson and Rollins. They planned to get back at the grand jury witness, but he didn’t show up. After a few seasons, this plotline remained a mystery, and it is still unclear what happened to Barba. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you can catch it on Netflix.

Raul Esparza’s character Rafael Barba, who made his television debut on the show in Season 14, left the show midway through the season. He was tried for murder after removing life support from a comatose infant. Despite the lack of evidence, he later resigned from his role and was replaced by ASA Peter Stone. However, the former series star did return in a cameo role on the show’s last season.

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