What is News?

News is any information about an event or issue that affects a large number of people. It can be about the economy, politics, natural disasters, or a neighborhood, and may be reported on TV, in the newspaper, on the radio or on the Internet hukol.

News usually centres around people and their activities or decisions. However, other events such as a cyclone or a bushfire can also make news testrific.

There are five criteria that determine whether a story is newsworthy: Immediacy, Proximity, Emotion, Surprise and Shareability. These factors help journalists decide what to report, and they are the same for all media, from newspapers to the newsline on television.

Immediacy: A newsworthy story should be timely. It should be happening right now or soon will begin, and it should affect a large number of people hanjuthai.

Proximity: A newsworthy story should be local to a person or place, such as an event that happens near their home or school.

Emotion: A newsworthy story should have strong emotional impact. It should be something that is important to the reader, such as a funeral or a protest against a controversial policy holidaysnbeyond.

Surprise: A newsworthy story should have a surprising aspect, such as unusual facts or an unexpected outcome.

Shareability: A newsworthy story should have a good chance of being shared on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter taylorsource.

The classic definition of news is “Man bites dog” but this is not universal. In one society, a dog will be eaten at a feast; in another it might not be.


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