Why Are There No Black People on Game of Thrones?

In the first season of the hit HBO drama, Game of Thrones, there were only two or three black actors with speaking roles. One of these actors was Salladhor Saan, a man of color who wanted to marry Daenerys. But, he quickly disappeared once he got to talking about Cersei. Why? It could be because the show is more focused on the white protagonist’s storyline, where black characters do not have much to do.

The cast of Game of Thrones argues that the lack of diversity is out of the show’s control. The show is, after all, a historical drama, and is, therefore, not a representation of modern society. The characters are mostly white, with the exception of the one Black character who dies in chains. However, it’s easy to overlook this problem when considering the show’s popularity.

The reason that there are no black characters on Game of Thrones is simple: the majority of the cast are white. While this has improved slightly in later seasons, the show’s lack of diversity is still strikingly glaring. It’s hard to see how black actors can contribute to the success of this show. And yet, it has been the case for several decades. And yet, it’s not just Game of Thrones.

HBO has admitted that there are several exceptions to the rule that there are no black people on Game of Thrones. In the second season of the series, a black character named Xaro was thirsty for Daenerys and was killed by her. Xaro is a black mercenary and pirate who was friends with Davos Seaworth. Other minor characters include The Grey Worm, Xaro, and Salladhor Saan. RCN Channel lineup offers a wide range of entertainment options including movies, sports, news, music and much more.

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